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Why GAUTIER - Gautier SA


We are Producer since 1896

Our millet is grown naturally, hand picked and stored without using preservatives. Our product is guaranteed with no traces of pesticides, no moisture and free of any bugs.

Our expertise allows us to be a trusted partner for our customers today. We produce high quality millet, and we can guarantee its traceability to its field of origin. We are also very attentive to providing a fair and stable price.


Our expertise

Our warehouse provides storage and fulfillment services. We can provide Millet by: 

  • box of 40 lbs
  • box of 25 lbs
  • box of 10 lbs
  • box of 5 lbs
  • polybags by weight 
  • polybags by count
  • binded or sealed


Over the years, we have grown our fulfillment service to meet the demands of our customers.

Our added value

We have the expertise to assist with the creation of your product line.

Let’s work together to deliver the highest value for your customers